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Sustainable investments

A sustainable approach to investments and ownership has been part of Valubiz core values from the start. Genuine management of key factors like environmental, social and corporate governance is fundamental to business success and strong investment performance. This sustainable approach to business enables Valubiz to address a changing environment that constantly opens up new opportunities and risks. Thinking and acting in a sustainable manner means that one has to appreciate being on a continuous journey.

Valubiz main business focus in Sweden and Scandinavia is to provide investments in excellent and growing companies and projects in the region. This market is considered to be one of the most solid investment markets in the world.

We at Valubiz provide carefully selected and high-yielding investments in excellent projects and companies. By aspiring to apply best practice, Valubiz and portfolio companies mitigate the risk and capture opportunities for long-term value creation and competitiveness.

Advisory Board

The team seeks to identify potential co-control equity investments in companies with potentially strong or improving market position, including significant potential for top-line and earnings growth. An engaged management team is another key criteria. The focus is on finding companies with underlying competitive advantages, such as operational excellence, unique brand qualities and superior product characteristics – the essential building blocks of a strong market position.


Torbjörn Jörgensen

Valubiz AB has been a good and committed partner for us to work with. At times when we had to allocate capital to our business, they have been able to deliver excellent swift results with quality. Thank you!

Torbjörn JörgensenCEO, Federation X and the Ten Legions
Leif Larsson

We have chosen to collaborate with Valubiz AB while building and establishing our banking business in an international environment. We have many complex challenges regarding capitalization and business development where we see Valubiz AB as a strategic and important partner.

Leif LarssonCEO, E24 Finance